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Today's operating environment has never been more challenging. Improve responsiveness, reduce risk and protect your most valuable assets with Sention products and services.

Sention-iQ Membership

Sention-iQ is our interactive corporate threat intelligence platform. It sits at the heart of the Sention ecosystem and drives the emerging risk information you receive on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  It's a business-critical tool combining real-time alerts with expert analysis across multiple threat and impact categories.

Interactive Search

Search real-time corporate intelligence across eight threat categories and nine impact categories.

Threat Ratings

View ratings for each category based on our proprietary modelling tools that analyse threats across 15 risk criteria.

Threat Profiles

Receive detailed insights, analysis, risk mitigations and threat scores for each threat across our eight categories.

Dynamic Filters

Decide what you want to see by filtering your view based on geographic location, sector and business role.

Personal Threat Brief

Receive a personalised threat brief each week detailing changes in the threat environment.

Community Hub

Access the Sention Community Hub to view additional articles, events, resources and support.

Threat Notifications

Receive notifications via SMS about high priority threats that could impact your organisation.

Research & Articles

Read articles and research materials published by Sention on latest issues, trends and events.

Sention-iQ: equipping your organisation to better manage emerging risk

Our powerful, game-changing solution reduces business impact by enabling you to proactively manage emerging risks.
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About Sention-iQ

Sention-iQ is a daily business tool for executives and teams, providing access to threat updates, risk insights, detailed threat analysis and recommended mitigations. When you sign-up for a Sention-iQ membership, you also receive alerts for high priority threats, a personalised weekly threat brief, access to monthly sector reports and a quarterly tailored corporate threat briefing.
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Personal Threat Brief

As part of your Sention-iQ membership, you will receive a personalised weekly threat brief delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. Your Threat Brief includes:
Succinct summary of threat updates from the past seven days.
Information tailored to your geo-graphic region, industry sector and business unit role.
Links to the latest articles and research published by Sention.
You can view further detail about each risk insight, along with analysis on impacts and recommended mitigations by clicking though to Sention-iQ.
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Monthly Sector Reports

Your Sention-iQ membership gives you access to our monthly Sector Threat Reports.  These reports are designed to provide you with a concise summary of how the threat environment has changed over the past month including:
An executive summary highlighting critical changes.
Insights into emerging risks across our eight threat categories.
A comprehensive Threat Profile for each category, including triggers for change and a summary of the top emerging risks.
In today's ever-changing threat environment, Sention's Monthly Threat Reports help you stay informed and provide a basis for Board or Committee briefings.  They can also be purchased separately from a Sention-iQ membership. Click here to find out more.
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Tailored Threat Briefings

With your Sention-iQ membership, you get access to quarterly tailored face-to-face threat briefings to help you understand how specific threats may impact your sector or business. All briefings provide:
Explanation of the current external risks and broader threat environment, specific to your organisation.
Critical considerations for executives and boards including discussion on ways to minimise exposure and potential loss.
Synopsis of major incidents and lessons learned, relative to the current threat environment.
Briefing sessions can be delivered in a face-to-face setting or virtually. They can also be purchased separately from a Sention-iQ membership.  Click here to find out more.
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Become globally aware, effortlessly

Our experienced team analyse current and emerging threats, incidents and events, using our proprietary analysis tools to forecast loss or damage to your organisation. We then provide insights into preventative measures to reduce organisational risk. We do the hard work so you can make quick, informed decisions as the threat landscape evolves.

Cyber Security Threats

We bring the latest insights into strategic cyber security threats including domestic and international cyber attacks, changes to modus operandi and provision of mitigation strategies to protect your data.

Economic Threats

We alert you to the evolving macro and micro economic drivers and the associated impacts they may have on our domestic and global trade.

Geo-political Threats

We look at how global tensions and political challenges will influence international markets and affect supply-chains.

Government Threats

We review and report on acts of Government that may impact your strategic and operational environment including changes to policy, legislation, regulations and governance requirements.

Health Threats

We alert you to the latest outbreaks and health security challenges including emerging diseases and impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

National Security Threats

We monitor changes to the national security level and report on emerging social and criminal activity, such as violent extremism, cybercrime and espionage, with national security implications.

Natural Hazard Threats

We report on environmental change and natural hazards that could impact our community and your organisation.

Technology Threats

We review current and advancing technology and identify emerging trends and vulnerabilities such as IoT, AI and emerging fields like cyber-biosecurity.