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solutions to manage emerging risk

Reduce uncertainty and volatility

Uncertain about how the changing threat environment will affect your business?
Manage the impacts of emerging risk with corporate threat intelligence from Sention.

Monthly Executive
Threat Reports

A monthly summary for boards and executives detailing how the threat environment has evolved. Includes risk insights across eight categories of threat and access to the latest articles published by Sention.

Corporate Threat Briefings

Customised briefings for leadership teams and boards on how relevant emerging risks may impact your organisation. Includes discussion on strategies to reduce risk. Delivered in a face-to face or remote format.


A complete solution that provides a comprehensive view of the threat environment. Access real-time updates on global and local events, plus analysis on impacts and recommended mitigations.
The sention-iq ecosystem

A business-critical resource

Sention-iQ is the heart of an ecosystem designed to help protect your business from the impact of emerging risks.
Benefit from real time alerts, weekly personalised threat briefs, monthly sector reports and quarterly leadership briefings.  

Why using Sention-iQ is essential

Today’s operating environment is characterised by change and uncertainty. Cyber-attacks, geo-political tensions, the pandemic, natural disasters and security threats are creating extreme vulnerability for organisations. These emerging risks are complex and compounding in nature, challenging boards and leadership teams in their strategic planning and decision-making. With Sention-iQ, you broaden your ability to make critical decisions proactively.

A powerful solution, so simple to use

Sention-iQ is a business-critical resource you can use every day. It's power is in it's simplicity. Search current and emerging risks using the interactive dashboard or view new threat updates as they are posted in real-time. Sention-iQ brings together analysis at the macro and sector level for all major threat categories into a single view.  Reduce your uncertainty and risk by leveraging the power of insight.

Threat intelligence experts at your disposal

Sention is led by the most experienced and accomplished professionals in incident and crisis management. Experience that enables informed analysis and expert considerations. We combine this expertise with the latest technology to bring you Sention-iQ.

Make better business decisions

Sention-iQ is a solution that provides corporate threat intelligence at your fingertips. We combine technology and human analytics to give you access to actionable information, with real-time updates on current and emerging threats and an understanding of what they mean for your organisation.

Latest on local and global threats

Across the globe, our team of professionals are analysing and summarising events that are occurring or likely to occur in the future. We bring you the latest commentary on critical topics through blogs and articles. View some of the discussions below, or subscribe to a Sention-iQ membership to receive full access to our threat database.
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Software Engineering
Customer Success
Smart ports cyber attacks
July 23, 2024

The Rising Cyber Risk to Smart Ports for Australia and the Region

This article looks at the increasing risk of major impacts from a disruptive cyber-attack against critical port infrastructure, due to the adoption of Smart Port technologies within Australia and the Region.
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Security risks for clubs
June 11, 2024

Fortifying the Foundations: Modern Security Risks and Solutions for Member Clubs

In this month's feature article, Sention examines the range of modern security risks facing community clubs, and provides practical mitigations to assist management to protect patrons and safeguard their clubs.
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min read
May 9, 2024

How are you managing the current polycrisis?

With a series of interconnected, concurrent global events taking place, boards and CEOs need to be better equipped to manage escalating impacts. This requires them to view crisis events through a different lens.
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Navigating Supply Chain Complexities: Key Challenges for Business.
min read
April 5, 2024

Navigating Supply Chain Complexities: Key Challenges for Business.

In this article, we explore how key obstacles in supply chain management are being tackled by top organisations including globalisation, ESG, digital transformation, impact of disruptive events, e-commerce and regulatory compliance.
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Smart farming and climate extremes
min read
March 20, 2024

How Climate-Smart Farming is Reducing Extreme Weather Impacts

With Australian farmers facing increasingly unpredictable climate patterns, use of advanced technology has emerged as a crucial ally to help mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events on crops and livelihoods.
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AI, governance
min read
February 28, 2024

Navigating the Future: Australia's Endeavours in AI Governance

This article examines the challenges and opportunities associated with governance of Artificial Intelligence, and the impacts of emerging technologies on Australian organisations.
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