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Passionate resilience professionals bringing four decades of collective experience in corporate threat intelligence.

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At Sention, everything we do is about reducing uncertainty. Our purpose for being is to enhance your ability to make critical decisions by understanding emerging risks that could impact your organisation.

Corporate threat intelligence involves analysis of information about events that could cause loss or damage to an organisation. Without this knowledge, executives are running blind and making critical decisions in a vacuum.

With so much uncertainty in the world today, we can't afford to be exposing our stakeholders to risk when the use of reliable, timely corporate threat intelligence can provide valuable insights about what lies ahead. It's about enabling you to respond to evolving threats before they occur.
our mission
The name 'Sention' (Sen-tee-on) is derived from the Latin word 'Sentio', which is to perceive, feel, experience; think, realise, see and understand.

Sention is an Australian company with global reach that is dedicated to helping organisations predict and manage uncertain times. The Sention team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about making a difference by building trusted relationships and delivering solutions that create meaningful change.

We are a purpose driven organisation that places our people and our customers first.

Passionate about people and resilience

Be Authentic

With authenticity comes respect.

Seek Adventure

With adventure comes innovation.

Embrace Challenges

Through challenges comes strength.

Appreciate Others

Through diversity comes growth.

Act with Purpose

Through action comes change.
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