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Why Sention-iQ

A Sention-iQ membership is an essential business-critical resource for teams across your organisation. This is why.
Broaden corporate risk knowledge
Create shared knowledge of external threats across the organisation so mitigation becomes a collective responsibility.
Proactively reduce impacts
Reduce the impact of disruptive events on operations by using advanced knowledge of the changing threat environment to embed robust mitigations.
Improve financial outcomes
Minimise financial losses by taking preemptive action to avoid disruptive events. Use emerging risk information to capatilise on new business opportunities.
Meet governance obligations
Implement targeted policies and procedures reflective of current and emerging risks. Meet director obligations under the Corporations Act to be 'forward looking'.
Improve strategic planning
Embed strength into strategic planning by using foresight on how emerging risks across our eight categories of threat will intersect with your organisational goals.
Strengthen corporate agility
Enhance the ability of your organisation to flex when  changes to the operating environment occur, without impacting operational or strategic viability.

Solutions to suit every organisation

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Monthly Executive
Threat Reports

Executive Threat Report for $69 per month (ex GST). Includes:
A summary highlighting how the threat environment has evolved.
Multi-sectorial insights.
A summary of each threat category, including top current and emerging risks.
Access to the latest articles and research published by Sention.
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Tailored Threat

Customised leadership briefing sessions. Includes:
An understanding of the current threat environment specific to your organisation.
Discussion on ways to minimise exposure, mitigate damage and potential for losses.
Synopsis of major incidents and lessons learned, relative to the current threat environment.
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Full access to the Sention-iQ eco-system. Includes:
Full access to Sention-iQ.
Alerts for high-priority threats.
Personal weekly threat brief based on your filters.
Monthly sector threat reports.
Quarterly customised company threat briefings.
Access to the Sention Community Hub.
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Tailor made solutions

If your organisation is looking for something beyond the Sention solutions above, our team offers bespoke threat analysis and tailor made solutions to suit any business requirement, scale and location. Simply reach out to discuss.